Membership Information

Membership Period
The membership year for Receivables Management Association of Canada Incorporated (herein referred to as "RMA Canada") is January 1st - December 31st. Apply anytime; however, dues will be pro-rated based on when you apply. January 1st to June 30th: Full fee or July 1st to December 31st half the applicable fee for balance of year.

Membership Classifications

Full Membership
This class of membership is for all for-profit organizations. The benefits of full membership include voting rights, and the opportunity to participate in committee, board and executive functions within RMA Canada.

Affiliate Membership

This class of Membership is intended only for Government, Regulatory and Non-Profit entities. The benefits of affiliate membership include direct association in the business of RMA Canada. Affiliate members do not have voting rights, or the opportunity to participate in committee, board or executive functions within RMA Canada; however, these entities may opt for full membership.

RMA Canada Governance
Applicants and members agree to abide by RMA Canada's governing documents including but not limited to RMA Canada's Policies and Procedures, Code of Ethics, as well as its Procedural and Ethics Rules. Click here to view the Terms and Conditions of RMA Canada membership.

Contact Us

RMA Canada's Membership or Executive Committee is available to answer your questions about RMA Canada membership and/or its application process.

How to Apply
You can fill out the following online form and remit payment online via our secure payment processor or mail us a check to the address below.

Alternatively you may complete the offline version of the form that can be found at the following link Membership Application Form with your information and sign your application. By signing the application, you agree to the terms and conditions of RMA Canada's Application and Membership Agreement.

Mail completed, signed application form and applicable membership dues to the address below. Your application is not complete until your payment is received. You will receive confirmation within 1 business day.
Receivables Management Association of Canada Inc.,
Membership Department
141 Adelaide Street West, Suite 440
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3L5

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