Welcome to the world of the Receivables Management Association of Canada Inc. (RMA Canada)

As we continue our journey into the New Year 2012, I welcome you to become engaged in the year's activity as it unfolds with the focus of growing our knowledge and combined experiences to facilitate education and develop the Vision of one voice in Canada for the credit industry.

When we began the process of developing this association two years ago, once we received the Industry Canada approval, in 2011 in a very short 5 months the founding members with the assistance on new members presented a conference that was very well attended with 172 attendees.

The speakers were from across the industry and are key players in their specific areas of expertise. Many spoke highly of the association and the mandate that we have presented as no other group brings this representation for the industry in general on a National basis.

Our sponsors have been very supportive and I would like to personally thank them for their commitment as they continue to be supportive of our objectives.

In summary:

The goal of becoming a national, collective voice is to help receivables professionals work together to anticipate, investigate and influence policy makers to address industry concerns proactively.

Our mission as a National organization is to ensure that we reached out to all those who have an interest in the Accounts Receivable Management industry representing credit grantors in the financial, telecommunication, retail, utility sector, government bodies, law firms, debt buyers & sellers, collection agencies, commercial entities and other regional associations.

As such, there are unique needs and requirements to satisfy. At the same time, RMA members have mutual goals. It is the goal of RMA to promote and support these shared areas of interest on behalf of everyone in the industry.

We do not intend to become an adversary to existing groups or associations that exist for the purpose of ensuring the overall wellbeing of the creditors and the customers is first and foremost.

Collective Interests:

Both the diversity of its members and its' national position enables RMA to focus on encompassing a wider set of issues and topics.

Future direction:

Nothing just happens and the Board along with committee members is diligently working on this year's agenda.  Up until this point we have been running this initiative with a group of passionate representatives from 16 different companies. This group, hold the positions on the Board and a couple of committees.

What can this organization look like in the months/years ahead?  We envision a Consumer Creditors group, a Commercial Creditors group, a Legal group, an Agency group, a Debt Purchaser/Seller group, a Legislative group, an Insolvency group, etc.

Our goal in the coming months is to build a broader base of diversity in the membership to include members from the various segments of industry as indicated in the list of potential groups that I have mentioned.  I encourage you to visit our membership information and consider joining this a future thinking team of professionals.

Building the relationships with other associations as well as our base in other regions is critical to our success and the support of the industry groups in those areas.

The current areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

Needless to say if you have a passion to influence the relationships with policy makers and peers in the industry, let’s talk. Contact myself or any Board member.  I guarantee that if you become involved and fully engaged in our purpose and focus, you will not only learn and grow professionally but you will be a key contributor in helping build something that can only improve our industry here in Canada.

Let's talk, get active in this program and be a key contributor as many hands make light work and drive success to a new level.

George A. Preece CCP (Emeritus)
President/Chairman of the Board
Receivables Management Association of Canada Inc.