February 2013

President’s Message:

We are already one month into the New Year 2013 and business seems to be “running hard” to meet year end objectives already.

The Board and Executive of RMA have been busy as well, as we prepare to present another in the series of Webinars this quarter.

In addition, I am pleased to announce the Conference for 2013 is now “work in process” as we have contracted the facility and set the date in November. Details are in the events section of the RMA Canada website.

If you would like to assist in the development and creation of this “banner” event, contact the Chair of the event, Mr. Barry Kryba. I know with the success of the past conference, Barry is very focused on another success with the support of a passionate conference committee as he experienced and we all enjoyed in 2011.

For those of you that were trying to register just prior to the last event, unfortunately you learned of the sellout. While we anticipate the same response this year, we have ensured we have more room at the facility.

We have extended the event to two days to accommodate many of the activities generated from the responses provided after the 2011 event.

I continue to encourage you to visit our membership information and consider joining this future thinking team of professionals.

Can we effect positive change in this challenging, diverse industry?

I believe that is an objective that can be realized with our recent experience with the Ontario Government relating to the research being conducted regarding debt settlement companies. With the recent outreach from the Ontario Ministry for additional input into the proposed legislative direction, RMA Canada is an active participant and will be responding to the opportunity once again.

It is time to renew this year’s membership and I look forward to meeting and talking with you at the conference.

Our members can reserve a room at the Delta Chelsea Hotel by visiting the following link:


We are confident that we will meet the challenges facing changes and input regarding the procedure of the legislature to meet the expectations of our customers and the industry.

There is no doubt that we can meet the challenges of change and input in the legislative processes for benefit of our customers and the industry in general.

“Talk” with you soon