The undersigned on behalf of the applicant and its employees, agrees:

- The undersigned has read and agrees to be bound by RMA Canada's governing documents, including but not limited to RMA Canada's Policies and Procedures, Code of Ethics, as well as its Procedural and Ethics Rules.

- To use RMA Canada's name logo only in full compliance with Association Policies, and to cease use if membership ends or is terminated for any reason.

- Membership is non-transferable. Membership dues are not refundable except when RMA Canada determines an application is denied.

- References may be required.

- To notify RMA Canada if any of the information provided in this application changes after it is submitted. If any of the information becomes obsolete or inaccurate, the membership process may be delayed or membership may be denied.

- All statements and information provided in this application are true to the best of my knowledge. The undersigned has verified the accuracy of the statements on this application.

- The undersigned has the authority to electronically sign this application and bind the company to its terms and conditions.

- That RMA Canada may complete a Corporate search in the event it is required to approve the application for membership.

- RMA Canada, where applicable, will be advised of any material changes in the ownership/infrastructure of the applicant company.

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