Receivables Management Association of Canada Inc.

Vision and Mission of RMA

The vision of the Receivables Management Association of Canada (RMA) is to become the first National association of its kind; extending into every province and territory to set the professional standards of our industry.

RMA Canada works with its members to promote the activities of all those connected to the industry by bringing their concerns to the attention of the authoritative bodies that control day-to-day activities.

RMA members come from diverse segments of our industry. As such, there are unique needs and requirements to satisfy. At the same time, RMA members have mutual goals. RMA is pledged to promote and support these shared areas of interest on behalf of everyone in the industry.

Collective Interests:

  • Enhance public & government perception of the Canadian accounts receivable industry.
  • Encourage the development of industry standards and support education.
  • Form a centralized point for lobbying efforts.
  • Facilitate the formation of National standards & certification.
  • Stimulate international business for the Canadian ARM industry.

RMA's mission as a National organization is to ensure that it reaches out to all those who have an interest in the Accounts Receivable Management industry representing credit grantors in the financial, telecommunication, retail, utility sector, government bodies, law firms, debt buyers & sellers, collection agencies and other regional ARM associations.

Our aim is also to expand the Professional Development of its members through educational forums, round table discussions, and its annual General Meeting.

We are further committed to acting as a comprehensive, knowledge-based resource by sharing best practices, offering professional advice, and increasing member awareness on industry trends and issues through active communications.

Additionally, RMA's intention is to give its members an opportunity to network with other professionals and to speak with industry experts on relevant topics. Both the diversity of its members and its nation-wide position enables RMA to focus on encompassing a wider set of issues and topics.

Reasons for Being A Member

By joining RMA, you gain a platform at the highest level from which to express your opinions. As a member of RMA, we will ensure that your concerns surrounding industry specifics are heard.

A membership with RMA will also provide you with many exclusive benefits:

  • Enhance your professional network with other association members in the industry through regular meetings and events and build national relations and potential partners.
  • Improve your awareness of industry trends and issues with our up-to-date industry analysis.
  • Acquire a larger forum in which to express your views and maximize your influence on government regulations and issues affecting its members.
  • Engage in effectively coordinated communications with various levels of government.
  • Increase your company's exposure.
  • Participate in a professional organization at the leading edge of the ARM industry.
  • Advance your cross-industry learning by acquiring training on industry topics relating to the entire scope of Receivables Management.

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